The Top 3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Next Waxing Appointment

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The Top 3 Tips to Make the Most of Your Next Waxing Appointment

We prepare for a lot of things in life. Our romantic dates, our (not so romantic) job interviews, our (most romantic) wedding day. We do this because preparation gets us closest to the end result we want. A second date, a job offer, a wedding of our dreams.

I’m here to tell you, my friends, that bodily hair’s not so different from these big life events. I know most of us started our hair removal journey with a razor. And maybe that’s still your main squeeze. If it is and you love it, please carry on. But if you dread how often you have to do it, and you’d like to reduce it to a once a month task, then waxing might be your new boo!

Yet, you’re most likely asking yourself, “If it’s supposed to be hassle-free, why do I have to put any effort leading up to it?” And that’s a valid question. To which I say, you don’t! You can show up as you are. Yet, a bit of TLC before your upcoming visit, can take your results to the next level. No need to frantically ask Siri, “how to prepare for waxing appointment.” Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, allow me to give you the low-down.

Before we dive in, I’d like to emphasize that body hair is beautiful. Here, at The Little Gem Studio, we’re all about what makes you feel like your most authentic and gorgeous self. We celebrate your body in all its natural splendor. And if/when you feel called to experiment with facial waxing, bikini line waxing, leg waxing – you name it – we’re here to make it the smoothest ride possible.


Waxing Tip #1 – We Hibernate to Grow Our Lovely Body Hair

They say that a summer body’s made in the winter, and no, I’m not suddenly switching over to workout advice. That’s not why we’re gathered today! Where was I? Yes, summer body. We work towards our summer goals, TODAY. 

When you’ve been shaving or using depilatory products, it can often throw off the hair growth cycle. Thus, I always recommend that clients who are waxing for the first time, grow out their hair for 3 to 4 weeks. This allows most of your hair to grow out, so we get the best results. Now, time for a truth bomb…3-4 weeks might not allow all the hairs to sync up, BUT it’ll definitely be enough to start a waxing routine. How do I know? I’ve seen many clients notice a major difference after waxing for the first time, after said hibernation.

If you’re like me and not shy about showing off a little body hair while it grows out, you can start this process any time of the year. But not everyone’s a carbon copy of each other and that’s what makes the world go round. For some, I know it can be scary/daunting/nerve wracking to just THINK about letting your hair grow out for 3 to 4 weeks. Much less DO IT. That’s why I suggest growing it out in the winter. It’s when we’re dressed in layers, bundled up and no one has to be all up in our body hair business. I mean, unless you want them to, of course. Speaking of wants, let’s get to the good part… 


Waxing Tip #2 – We Set it and Forget It (For a Month)

You did it! You let your gorgeous body hair gain some freedom, became good friends with your jeans, and stretched far and wide. Time to thank it for your time together and say goodbye. But don’t worry, you’ll see (some of it) again in a month. 

Thanks to your dedication, you’re now happily unaware of your razor. Your showers are shorter, you get a bit more time to yourself. Maybe all those extra minutes roll into a nice weekly bath, or you have more time to get ready, or a few moments to do absolutely nothing. *SIGHS IN GIDDINESS* 

Just bliss, right? It sure is. But now comes the all too important part. We keep it to a monthly schedule. Why? Ok, let’s keep our summer analogies going – kind of. I like to compare shaving and waxing to mowing the lawn vs. plucking out the weeds, respectively. When you mow the lawn (shave) – you’re cutting the blades (body hair) – at an even surface, which creates a blunt finish that then appears to have a fuller growth. Great for your lawn, not so much for the purposes of hair removal. 

But when you pluck out the weeds (wax) – you’re taking those blades (body hair) out by the roots – causing the strand to grow back more sparse, and at a slower rate. A.K.A.- Back to your dream sequence! This process affords you that month of virtually no body hair. Added bonus, you get to really feel your buttery smooth skin. And in case you want to make sure it’s at its butteriest, I got just the tips.


Waxing Tip #3 – We Become Bffs With Moisturizers and Exfoliators

The skin is our body’s largest organ – nice little tidbit for your next trivia outing! And the reason why skin care is so important, and the true answer to maintaining smooth skin. Our skin does a whole lot for us. So let’s give it that love right back, with the proper pre-wax and post-wax care. Whether you’re a consistent waxing client, or you do any other type of hair removal, you must prep your skin before, and take care of it after the removal. 

Moisturizing/hydrating is very important when it comes to maintaining the overall health of your skin. Moisturizing specifically after waxing helps to

  • Improve the skin’s hydration
  • Provide a protective layer
  • Soothe irritation

It’s recommended to moisturize daily and it’s best to do so right after getting out of the shower, so that the moisture left from your shower can stay trapped on the skin. Ah, gotta love a good 2-for-1. Don’t worry, I got moisturizer recs in just a bit.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Or the buttery and glossy, to be exact. You want that baby soft skin? Then exfoliation is key. It’s what keeps your skin smooth and silky. Our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells, but with age, the shedding of skin cells becomes a slower process. What else is new, right? The good news is that exfoliation puts you in the driver’s seat because it aids in the removal of unwanted dead skin cells.

We want to stay on top of exfoliation because if we don’t, then our skin cells will build up, causing a blockage of the hair. Better known as ingrown hairs. *CUE GASP* So it’s recommended we exfoliate 1 to 3 times a week, and moisturize daily.

The Little Gem Studio carries all the tools and products for your exfoliation and moisturizing needs, such as:

  • Dry brushes
  • Exfoliating gloves
  • Chemical exfoliants
  • Scrubs
  • Oils
  • Hydrating Masks

One of our newest brand additions to the studio is Bushbalm. A fantastic company that’s tackling the most common and least talked-about skin concerns. Their highly rated products make something as sensitive as bikini wax aftercare, a total breeze. Check out their incredible before & after pics, and testimonials. You’ll see how these products work their magic in all areas of your body.

Ready to ditch your razor? Book your next waxing appointment at Noho’s own, The Little Gem Studio. A personal care studio for everyBODY and their brows.